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Our joint efforts made the boulevards, squares and parks of our city much more beautiful and bright, creating a festive mood for all citizens and visitors of Sofia. 

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BOYKO  Borisov
Mayor of Sofia

All contracted activities were completed with quality and on time. The contract was executed professionally, without any delays or shortcomings in the delivery of the goods. 

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KAMEN  Genchev
"Kamo Build Group" Ltd

... the company demonstrated accuracy, honesty and professionalism. "Aymek Engineering" Ltd recommends "Gabrovski" Ltd as a very loyal and correct partner.

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"Aymek Engineering" Ltd

Thanks to the professonalism of the specialists of "Gabrovski" Ltd our city acquired European charm and we delivered real festive delight to the residents and visitors of Dobrich. 

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DETELINA  Nikolova
Mayor of Dobrich

"Gabrovski" Ltd. offers high-quality products and services, professionalism, excellent organisation, strict adherence to deadlines and for that it has established itself as our loyal and honest longterm partner.

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PETAR Velichkov

Thanks to the professionalism of the specialists of "Gabrovski" Ltd., Varna, we were ranked first place in Bulgaria for best decorated city in 2010.

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Mayor of Shumen

The company is authorized to conduct distribution activities and to participate in public tenders in the Republic of Bulgaria with lighting equipment Phillips. 

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TEODOR  Malchiev
PHILIPS Bulgaria

The company is an excellent partner and provider of services for us. "Terra Tour Service" recommends "Gabrovski" Ltd. as a very loyal and honest partner.

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"Terra Tour Service" LTD

The company carried out technical support services, repair and restoration works, building functional, architectural and landscape lighting, developed, delivered and assembled festive lighting and sound on the territory of Varna Municipality.. 

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Eng. PETAR Garbuzov
Varna Municipality

The team of young and competent professionals at "Gabrovski" Ltd helped us in choosing the optimal options for lighting of the hotel rooms and park and alley lighting.

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BISERKA  Stratieva 

"Gabrovski" Ltd. justified our confidence and I can safely recommend them as appropriate and reliable partner for any future investors. 

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Nicola  Dottore 

All deadlines were met even with the assigned additional tasks. The company has competent professionals and I confidently recommend it as a suitable partner.

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HRISTO  Asenov  
Tourist Investment

The company has all the competent specialists to complete lighting projects of that type. I strongly recommend it to future investors. 

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VIOLETA  Atanasova  

 All deadlines were met despite the extra tasks given and requirements imposed. 

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"Mall Varna" EAD

All implemented projects were completed professionally, on time and with very good quality. With combined efforts we have made our city much more beautiful and bright. 

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Georgi  Stoyanov 
Mall Galleria
Stara Zagora
Tsonyo Todorov 10 str
Varna 9000, Bulgaria
National Phoneline: 0700 17 776
Fax Varna : 052 / 609 196
Fax Sofia : 02 / 855 6002

Telephone Sofia : 02 / 855 2001
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