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Bespoke lighting and lampshades Puralux

Puralux is a brand of "Gabrovski" Ltd dedicated to the design and production of unique interior lighting projects. Clients of the company are individuals and organisations with special requirements for light solutions in terms of the quality, style and consistency in world fashion trends. Our reputation and timeliness is the result of perfectionism of our team and the attention and care given to every detail from sourcing the right materials to the complete installation and maintenance of every project.

Our customers always receive unique design ideas for their desired interior space. Some series of lampshades, presented in the catalogues are copywritten works of artists.

The great advantage of our boutique lighting is that it can be made in different variants in accordance with the wishes of the client. The size, the color palette, artistic elements, the materials - all this can be selected so that it corresponds with and adds comfort to the lit spaces. The proposed catalogue collection is launching a creative dialogue with our clients. 

Manufacture of Christmas, New Year and festive lighting

In our workshops for Christmas lights we produce festive light motives for the Italian company IDO Light following their requirements and designs. The production is exported to Europe, Canada, Australia and and many others. We have brought a lot of memorable aesthetics and festive mood in over 70 municipalities in Bulgaria. The high quality of our products equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting makes us a trusted partner to many businesses.

Manufacture of interior lighting

The efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing lighting of any interior is tightly linked to many factors, which our designers comply with. It is scientifically proven that more than 80% of the information we receive from our surroundings, we get through our visual perception. It is therefore very important to properly design the interior lighting. Gabrovski Ltd. offers lighting solutions that will not only be on path with current demand and trends, but also provide low-cost electricity without reducing the quality of light. The wide range of interior lighting you'll find with us will satisfy even the most demanding of our tastes. This will give a finished touch and unique appearance to your interior. Suitable for any home, office or facility, the solutions offered by us are of the highest quality and reliability. A wide variety of proven market brands will make your choice of interior lighting quick and easy.

Constructions of ferrous and non-ferrous metals 

In our manufacturing base we develop and weld with CO all the necessary structures from aluminum, copper, chrome, nickel or black iron for our artistic projects and engineering purposes. We have achieved and released some impressive light installations both in complexity and size. Our outstanding experts and professional equipment enable us to present ourselves successfully with any custom projects, regardless of budget and scope.

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Varna 9000, Bulgaria
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