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Lighting for the home

The efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing lighting of any interior is tightly linked to many factors, which our designers comply with. It is scientifically proven that more than 80% of the information we receive from our surroundings, we get through our visual perception. It is therefore very important to properly design the interior lighting. Gabrovski Ltd. offers lighting solutions that will not only be on path with current demand and trends, but also provide low-cost electricity without reducing the quality of light. The wide range of interior lighting you'll find with us will satisfy even the most demanding of our tastes. This will give a finished touch and unique appearance to your interior. Suitable for any home, office or facility, the solutions offered by us are of the highest quality and reliability. A wide variety of proven market brands will make your choice of interior lighting quick and easy.

Artistic and architectural lighting

The artificial lighting of architectural and artistic sites creates and complements the composition. The reflected light from the architectural form has a psychological impact and creates mood and emotions. Illuminated at night sites are rich, expressive and memorable.

New Year and festive lighting

In our factories for Christmas and New Year decorations we manufacture festive lighting motives for the well known Italian based company IDOLight meating all their requirements and by their design. Those lights are exported to many EU countries as well as Canada, Australia and many others. With our festive light installations we have brought a lot of memorable aesthetics and great mood to more than 70 municipalities and counting on the territory of Bulgaria.

Street and park lighting

Our rich experience in the lighting of parks, gardens, streets and open spaces makes us your perfect advisor, supplier and contractor for any ideas you may have for new builds and existing constructions.

- Poles for public use
- Decorative poles
- Lighting Lake sports stadiums, airports
- Supports Energy
- Traffic light poles
- Telecommunication masts

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